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Photo Contest and Gala February 13, 2008

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Candii Kitten is having a photo contest! It has been extended through tomorrow, February 14, 2008. To enter, we just want a photo that you feel best depicts “What Valentine’s Day Means To Me.” As children avys, Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean love and flowers and proposals… yuck! So what does it mean? Full contest rules and how to enter can be found on the board directly in front of the Candii Kitten main store!

Winners for this contest will be announced on Saturday, February 16th at the Parent/Child Valentine’s Day Gala! The Gala will be from 4-6 and the winners will be announced there as well as winners of the Gala!

The Gala is a formal event for kids and their families. Prizes will be awarded for best Mom/Daughter, Mom/Son, Daddy/Daughter and Daddy/Son combos. There is no winners by default, so you must actually be dressed up and entering into the contest to win. If there is no one applicable for the catagory at the Gala, then no one will win that catagory.

To enter, just dress up… formally or otherwise “Valentine’s Day-Like.” Matching one another or having outfits that coordinate with one anothers is what we are looking for. Once you get to the party, to enter the contest, IM Gwendalynn Beck with your name and your parent’s name… and what catagory you are entering. A panel of judges will choose the best of each catagory and cash and gift prizes will be awarded!

 To win either contest, Gala or Photo contests, you MUST be in the Candii Kitten Update Group! Search “Groups” in world and search for “Candii Kitten Update Group” to join! It’s free and there’s freebies added monthly! Join today!


Candii Kitten!

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Welcome to The Candii Kitten Blog! This blog will be updated often with new merchandise and all the “what’s happening,” for the Candii Kitten main store and mall!

 What is Candii Kitten? Thats easy. We are a children friendly store designed by children for children! Currently, the Candii Kitten store is owned by Candii Destiny and Gwendalynn Beck. The mall is owned by Candii Destiny, Gwendalynn Beck and Aidann Beck. We have everything you could need for a child avy, from skins, shapes to clothes and accessories, we are your one stop shop/mall for your kid avy!