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So Much July 29, 2008

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Well.. So much has happened since the Gala! We had a slight um issue with the password so were unable to blog… however, we’re back! And we’ve got lotsa goodies in store for you! Candii Kitten now offers Neko and Puppy tails, ears and accessories for boys and girls! Boys shapes and binkies, magic wands, eyes… tons more new stuff! So check out the newest stuff in store and make sure to check out all of our links.

Flickr Contest!

We are having a Candii Kitten Flickr Contest! Add Candii Destiny to your friends on Flickr… Candii’s Flickr
. When you buy something from Candii Kitten, take a picture of yourself wearing it…. join Candii Kitten Flickr and post the photo there. Make sure you follow these simple rules:
1. The photo must contain something from Candii Kitten that is NOT modified. *as in, don’t change the default colors unless it has a color change script, etc*.
2. Cannot be showing ANY nudity or ANYTHING innapropriate for the child community.
3. Must be a child avatar under 12 years old pictured.

Every week I’ll choose a new winner that submitted for that week… you will win something from CK! Prize will change weekly and we’ll have other contests as well! MUST be in CK update group to enter!


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