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Updates from 3.13 March 16, 2010

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New stuff at Candii Kitten! This is the first update of two! 🙂 Easter is coming, its less than a month away so its time for easter dresses and easter baskets!

First off is the easter baskets! I love these. They are fully sculpted to use less prims! Even the chocolate bunny is sculpted! All sculpted by my RL Fiance, so items may say made by Frederick Choovio, don’t worry, they were not botted. 🙂 He’s my RL.

CK Easter Baskets

These baskets have easter eggs, some loving nose touchin chocolate bunnies, a twenty dollar bill and some peeps in them.. some have a Candii Kitten Giftcard image as well, giftcard sold seperately!

Next is the Lillith Dresses! They come in three colors and have adorable hats and waistbands, also made by the amazing Frederick Choovio!

New From Candii Kitten

New From Candii Kitten

Also, there is a capri outfit version of the above dress if you love the pattern, but it’s just too much of a dress for you.

New From Candii Kitten

The binky in both the dress and the capri outfit is interactive… touch it and you can interact as the user or touch somone elses to interact as well! It’s fun! Outfits both come in three colors! 🙂

Next is the awesomely fun Diggin In The Sand pose kit from Candii Kitten! It comes with two diggin in the sand poses (copable), two buckets for your sand (copiable) two shovels (transfer), copiable sand and a copable towel. All items sculpted and animated by Frederick Choovio. I adore it! Pictured is myself and Miss Abby McDonnagh!

New From Candii Kitten

And finally, we have interactive scripted Bunny Ears! These ears are totally adorable and totallllly scripted for touch! So you can touch them or others can, just like my neko ears and tails and last years bunny ears! But these ones look alot more realistic. 🙂 More coming soon!

New From Candii Kitten

More awesomestuff coming this week and next from Candii Kitten! Spring and Summer are coming, are you prepaired? Get the stuff you need for a cooooool Summer at Candii Kitten Kids Store!