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SL Ate It June 27, 2009

If you have purchased something and it was there one minute then gone.. or SL ate it, please follow these steps to get it back.

If the item is NO TRANS:
1. Go to edit, preferences, Network and Clear Cache. Then Relog.
2. Check for the item.

Still not there?
1. Go to, account summary and find the transaction information. Paste it into a new notecard and name the NC Misdelivery-Your Name. Pass it to Candii Destiny. I will check MY trans history and if I see you’ve paid and it is NOT TRANSFERABLE, I will replace it. Otherwise, if it is transferable, please follow instructions below.

1. Go to edit, preferences, Network and Clear Cache. Then Relog.
2. Check for the item.

Still not there?
1. Go to
2. Log in
3. Choose Support
4. Sumit a Ticket (over on right hand side of screen)
5. If you are a paying member, its a little easier, but even if you are NOT u can still submit.
6. Go down to the bottom of all the mumbo jumbo and choose Submit Ticket again, a new frame pops open with boxes to fill. For Summary type in SL ate such and such outfit from Candii Kitten. If you are NOT a paying user… choose ‘Special Questions-Basic account or Guest Login’ From Ticket type, then for ticket type a new drop down opens, choose either the one that basically says you rezzed something and it dissapeared or the one below it that says there was something in your inventory window and its no longer there… Finish the rest of the questions, then go to where you can type and type in what happened, you rezzed it it dissapeared, you paid it took your money but failed transaction etc. Ask if they can please reset your inventory so you can have it back.

I’ve done this a hundred times. IT DOES work. SL eats my AO and chimera on a daily basis.

I WILL NOT replace outfits or accessories that are transferable. I’m sorry, there are too many scammers. Please follow t hese instructions. If you get a response from LL saying anything other then problem solved, then pass me the following:

1. Transaction Info from ‘Account Summary’ on
2. Also any and all correspondance with LL on the issue. Your letters, their responses etc.

Pass me this in a NC. But DO NOT request something replaced until you’ve done all of the following and have correspondance with LL.

Thank you
Candii Destiny
Candii Kitten

PS. This might sound mean, but I make my items transferable for you guys’ convienence, then people take advantage of that. So this is how it is. I’m sorry. If you follow those steps you will get your item back.



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